Birth Affirtmation Cards

with God's Mighty Power

Are you  worried about how your labor might go?

Are you full of doubts and scared of labor pain?

Maybe you don’t know what to do?

Birthing classes, numerous books you have read, advice from birth blogs 

and talks with your girlfriends often fail to bring relief, and neither do they add self-confidence.

Are you aware that you already have everything necessary 

in order to successfully give birth to your baby?

pioro biale_w kole

You already have that amazing infinite inner Power in you!

I reveal before you my work - created with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

It is a beautiful set of 40 illustrated affirmation cards to assist you in your pregnancy and during labor.

A loving Mother and  Midwife designed these cards to provide you with the most relevant information for this wonderful stage of motherhood.

Each card features a beautiful picture, along with an encouraging note from the Holy Bible – assuring you that a woman is created perfectly for giving birth, and that God does not abandon any of us at this special moment.

You will also find here wise words of support and inspiration from experienced women. These quotes will envelope you in love and care, which every woman needs so much during labor. Their lovely calming words will help you fall in love with the Miracle of Birth.

These words are full of care and love that will help every mother giving birth. These calming, beautiful words will help you fall in love with the miracle of giving birth.

Couples awaiting birth may choose to read 

these cards together in order to get empowered 

by the Word of God at this unique time.

Women who have them say that the cards 

are like a pocket guide for a Christian mother 

preparing for childbirth efficiently and with dignity.

The cards are designed for a woman in a blessed state so that:

… she may welcome God to her labor in a very special way,

… she may experience the Beauty of God’s Love during childbirth,

… she may feel empowered by God and Prayer during this important transition for her and her family,

… she may ‘hear’ encouraging ‘whispers’ of kind  wise experienced women,

… she may rejoice in giving birth,

… she may give birth with Heavens by her side.

pioro biale_w kole

The cards are a very powerful tool

in creating a positive mindset for birth.

About the designer:

My name is Vola. I am a happy woman, a cheerful wife and an ordinary mom.
I am a midwife and it is my true passion.

Over the course of my work:

  • I worked in delivery rooms;
  • I have been supporting at private births;
  • I have been running a birthing school with my husband Bartek;
  • I became a La Leche League Leader (a non-profit organization, global authority in supporting breastfeeding women);
  • I qualified as a doula at Michel Odent’s;
  • I have been taking part in numerous conferences and workshops on perinatal issues.

That said, my most cherished degrees and diplomas are my bachelor’s of being Henryk’s Mother, the masters of Mother to Jadzia and my PhD in Mom to Marysia 🙂


The praise for who I am today goes to my dearest family. Together with them I went through the experience of childbirth and loss of a child, natural hygiene and baby wearing – an active life of a full-time mother and wife.

piorko zloto-zlote

How will you receive the cards?

  • Once you make a purchase, a link will be sent to your email address. By clicking the link you will be able to download the cards in the PDF format. Afterwards you may choose to print your cards. We recommend thick white paper for this purpose.

  • The link is delivered automatically right after the payment is received and no later than within 24 hours of the purchase.

  • This product will NOT be sent to you physically by post.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You may: 

  •  read them with your partner and discuss childbirth;
  •  choose one card for the day or week and ponder over it in your heart;
  • choose one card for childbirth, place it by the lit candle where you can see it while you give birth.


If a moment comes when the woman giving birth feels lost and/or becomes anxious, she may choose to pray and go through either all the cards or focus on one of them.


An idea to consider is to choose a specific word as a symbol/message of your labor and childbirth. This word may be printed and placed where it can be seen during the process.


After you have given birth you may consider handing over your cards to another sister in Christ who is preparing to become a mother.


The printed cards are a worthy present for a Sister in a blessed state (instead of baby clothes and toys).

You may also use the cards as decorations – as symbols of the Word of God – at the Blessing ceremony before giving birth, and afterwards at moms’ circles and meetups.

Most cards out there are focused on the woman as a human being only. They speak volumes of one’s inner power but they forget to mention the Source of that power. As Christians, in any new beginning we can’t count on human powers solely. It is extremely important for us to trust in God and offer our suffering to the Lord.

Yes, you can. However, when giving birth you may find it inconvenient to read the Scriptures.

One more moment here is that it might be wrong to randomly open the Bible during the prayer. It also requires that you are greatly acquainted and experienced with the Holy Book.


I have carefully and lovingly selected the Word for you which will strengthen and shape your faith, as well as the way you approach childbirth.


And those messages from Women to Women are radiating warmth, beauty and experience. They gently guide a woman in the preparation for childbirth.